The Oxford Ghost Tour is a unique interactive experience brought to you live by a professional actor in an authentic cavalier outfit (and in character).

Although beautiful, Oxford is packed with some gruesome history that not many are aware of. Join us as we take a stroll through the most haunted and historic parts of Oxford City Centre.

Thomas Goodwin. Citizen. Soldier. Royalist. The Civil War is raging and Thomas Goodwin has lost his regiment. In fact, he has been looking for them for the last four hundred years. All that time he has been trawling the City, walking in circles, convinced he will one day stumble across the banners of Sir Charles Gerard’s Regiment of Foot. In that time, he has seen many a spectacle, often grim and grisly. For amidst the Dreaming Spires, Oxford is a city of death, horror and suffering. And Thomas Goodwin has seen it all. But Thomas is tired. Tired of traipsing these endless cobbled streets looking for those fighting men of old. Thomas needs help – will you join him on his quest? Along the way, he will regale you with some fantastical stories about Oxford’s past, in all its gory, ghostly glory. On your journey you will learn about:

The real meaning behind Dead Man’s Walk.

How King Charles’s restless spirit still roams the grounds of Christ Church.

Prudence Burcote, a suicide spurned in love, frequenting Magpie Lane to this day.

The plight of the Protestant Martyrs burnt at the stake.

The ghost cavalry division, last seen in Queen’s Lane.

The strange monk who haunts Wadham College.

The shocking discovery in the coal cellar of Exeter College.

The Archbishop who plays bowls with his own head.

These and many, many more gruesome delights! You might even see a ghost or two!

Regardless if you’re a local or a visitor, we know you’ll enjoy it. Here’s why:

– Gripping storytelling will make you laugh, scream and keep you on the edge!
– Your tour guide plays a soldier from the civil war.
– You’ll visit some world-famous spots in Oxford City Centre and explore some of its eerie narrow streets.
– Hear terrifying stories of gruesome death, hauntings and execution. You might see some ghosts too!
– Your live interactive experience will last around 1 hour and 15 mins.
– The tour brings back to life real stories, often forgotten even by the locals.

The Oxford Ghost Tour is operated by the well-established and award-winning City Sightseeing Oxford.